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Steves story

Los Angeles native Steve Malone was raised by a progressive couple, Christmas and Rutha Bell Malone, who adopted children 26 years after marrying. Chris and Ruth founded Lily of the Valley Church of God in Christ a decade earlier with a small group of relatives and friends.

While strong religious beliefs guided the Malone’s lifestyle, they often discussed the needs, development and interests of their children. The passionate Pentecostal worship services at Lily of the Valley inspired Steve and he became an enthusiastic church-goer.

During Steve’s elementary and middle-school years, piano and string bass instruction strengthened his musical interest. At Long Beach Polytechnic High School, however, music took a back seat to student government, academics and a part-time job.

Steve didn’t reengage in music until he settled in Wisconsin with his wife, after earning a bachelor’s degree in History from UCLA, a teaching credential from LA Unified School District and a master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Iowa.

In Wisconsin, he joined the MacDowell Male Chorus, took voice lessons and began writing the songs that appear on this debut cd.

At its core, Music is spiritual.

It’s rooted in gospel and an upbringing with little secular influence. Music showcases a range of styles reflecting the influence of Steve's diverse education, career and travel, and the contributions of talented musicians.

A note of thanks

I’m grateful to my wife Marsha for believing in me enough to launch this project.

My kids Jack and Maude have my gratitude for their interest and ideas.

A vote of thanks goes to Mike West for producing and arranging Music, and for his compelling guitar performances. I also want to give credit to the other talented musicians of Music:  Katie West, Colin Mahoney and Bradford Hopes.

And thanks to my design team -- David Unekis for his incredible cd art and website, Jacob Hodara for his digital marketing expertise, and to Gary Henry for reviewing and editing these notes.

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